Established in 1996 in an 80 sqm garage in Blairgowrie, the Envisioneers now occupies a 1000 sqm studio in the heart of industry, in Johannesburg's New Centre.
Collaborating with some of the largest brands in South Africa, the Envisioneers have honed their skills and imaginations, and are ready to bring your greatest ideas to life.

Rafi Leigh
Founder & industrial designer
A long time ago in a garage not so far away... Rafi was the brain behind the Envisioneers. Rafi's imagination and chutzpah still drives the Envisioneers culture.
Anthony Bizos
Anthony is an accomplished business strategist and executive bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team. A maker and tinkerer by nature and a true Envisioneer.
Gerhard, Gee & Mike
Chief Envisioneers
Gerhard (BTech Industrial Design), Mike & Gee's combined experience in project management and custom manufacturing puts us a few steps ahead of the rest.

Yvette & Riaan
Sales & Operations
Yvette (NAT.DIP. PR) is your connection to all things Envisioneers. With 30 years of experience & expertise in the manufacturing sector, she'll be your first point of contact.

Riaan leads our production team and will shape your ideas into action.
Mould making & casting
Amé specialises in soft (silicone) mould making and urethane casting. Her extensive knowledge of material application are applied to various industries, ranging from mining & engineering to in-camera special effects.
CNC and machining
Plugs, moulds and tooling for vacuum forming and bespoke needs, made to exact specifications.
Geo, who is a highly skilled CNC machinist and CAD specialist, will take virtual to actual.
Graphics & printing
Our large format printing team specialising in vinyl print and application.
Tiffany's expertise lies in her ability to interpret artwork and a natural attention to detail.
Vusi & Brian
Vac forming & injection moulding
Lead carpenter Vusi has amalgamated himself very well in the plastics and polymer sections of our workshop, along with Brian whose other capabilities lie in metal work.
Accounts & records
She does stuff and we get paid.